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Descriptive essays about death, Cover letter school counselor position

Ayoub Tower, Ashrafieh

Two adjacent residential blocks served by 5 elevators,two commercial floors and five underground basements. Ayoub Tower is to become the landmark of the area.

Located at few hundred meters downhill from Sassine square and next to El Saydeh church.

Along with its exquisite design,the building meets the highest standards of safety and security,Anti-seismic structure, fire safety regulation and state of the art access control system.

Different apartment sizes are available in the Residential Tower:

-92 sqm(1 or 2 bedrooms)

-128 sqm (2 bedrooms)

-180 sqm (3 bedrooms)

-165 sqm duplex (3 bedrooms)

-245 sqm and 256 sqm (3 master bedrooms)

The shops are developed on the main streets levels and have a variety of sizes that fit all selections criteria and budgets with areas ranging from 76 m2 to 362 m2

The cladding of the building’s exterior consists of marble and composite panels with double glass and double exterior walls.

gas heat
ocean view
wine cellar
basketball court
lake view
back yard
front yard
fenced yard
washer and dryer
private space
roof deck

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Descriptive essays about death, Cover letter school counselor position


CityGate is a well situated building in Ashrafieh,in the vicinity of Sassine Square, and ...
CityGate is a well situated building in Ashrafieh,in the vicinity of Sassine Square, and at walking distance to shopping malls, ...

Ashrafieh 1916

Penthouse with an exceptional view for sale, 13th floor (240 m2) Ready to move ...
Penthouse with an exceptional view for sale, 13th floor (240 m2) Ready to move in! ...

Ashrafieh TWIN50

Luxurious Apartments For Sale, with 72m2 75m2 103m2 127m2 and 220 m2 Occupies a ...
Luxurious Apartments For Sale, with 72m2 75m2 103m2 127m2 and 220 m2 Occupies a splendid position in arguably one of ...
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